The Arlington — Tampa

Located in the North Franklin Street Historic District, the Arlington was built in about 1910 as the Arlington Hotel. At the time of construction, there were fifty-two hotel rooms on the second floor and ten retail bays on the ground level of this thirty thousand square foot red brick building. When Ferrell and her partner purchased the Arlington and assembled adjacent properties in 2000, the Arlington was largely vacant as were most of the other buildings in this small urban neighborhood. In order to help protect the remaining fabric of the neighborhood, and make historic preservation incentives available, they prepared a National Register proposal resulting in the successful listing of North Franklin Street on the National Register of Historic Places and city landmark designation.

Circa 1920s, from the Burgert Brothers collection

Circa 1920s, from the Burgert Brothers collection

2001 pre-rehabilitation

2001 pre-rehabilitation

The Arlington, residential and office condominiums - post rehabilitation

The Arlington, residential and office condominiums - post rehabilitation

Ferrell and a subsequent partner then formed a development company to redevelop the Arlington for residential retail and office uses, completing the rehabilitation of the Arlington Condominiums in the Fall 2006, becoming eleven residential condominiums and ten office/retail condominiums. Work included removing 1950s stucco from the front façade and reconstructing the parapet and balcony based upon photo documentation.

Interior build out of the commercial units was substantially completed in 2007.

In addition to being a partner in the development of the Arlington, Ferrell was the Architect of Record and its historic preservation consultant.

The project received a “Banner Award” from Tampa Preservation, Inc. in 2008 and the North Franklin Historic District an Award of Excellence from the City-County Planning Commission in 2007.

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